We offer more than just IT outsourcing.

Here’s what sets us apart
Customized Maintenance plans.

We offer the most flexible and customized preventative maintenance plan because we sit down with you and actively discuss your business operations and come up with a plan that’s tailor fitted just for you. Our wealth of experience on Mac, PC and Blackberry servers can handle whatever technology requirements you can toss at us.

We back up your data.

If you haven’t done this recently then you definitely need to contact us. We offer the best in online data backup through Mozy and we take care of the scheduling and the monitoring. If you need access to your data just go ahead and get it, no special procedures required and we’re always there to help. And if we see something isn’t right we’ll contact you right away.

Our online service panel let’s you stay up to date on everything we’ve done and are going to do regarding your IT infrastructure.

Many businesses don’t know the passwords to their own servers or are unaware of potential security threats. Relax; WiConnect monitors your system remotely. If we see an issue we’ll take care of it and we’ll let you know via an email report.

We’re there when you need us.

We offer 24/7 service with a one hour guarantee on-site or remote response. We know that some business finish at 5pm and others at 5am, so we customize our service agreement to the rhythm of your business.

Call us today at 416-548-5999 we’re ready to listen.

Regular maintenance, data back up and security are all a part of our solution and we’re always available when you need us. If your current IT solutions partner isn’t giving you this same level of service then what exactly are they doing for you?