Do you want your business to be enterprise level productive ?

– Then stop dreaming about it and get your head into the clouds –

Cloud computing is a model enabling a rapid anywhere access pool of computer resources using via a single interface such as a web browser. By removing the large hardware and maintenance expenditures while keeping the same user experience, it places small and medium sized business in the same productivity realm of large enterprise corporations. As most cloud services are based on a “per user” fee model, companies of any size can add and subtract as many services as they choose making it extremely scalable and flexible.

Watching cash flow is a integral part of any business. no matter how unique your organization is, lowering costs and mitigating capital expenditures is something we all share. Cloud computing allows small to medium sized business access to productivity and communication tools previously only available to large organizations.

Not only is cloud computing a smart way to deliver enterprise functionality, it’s also a cost effective and practical method of IT support with remote access to PC’s by a single administrative operator. Software updates, security patches and regularly scheduled data backups can be applied and monitored from a single web panel.

The true value that cloud computing brings to the workforce is flexibility. Now, with an Internet connection, your employees can access email, shared calendar and important documents on a notebook, tablet or smartphone from virtually anywhere. Now, you can control your business instead of it controlling you.

Lower initial capital costs and predictable recurring expenses.

When you employ cloud services in your organization you eliminate the major capital expenditure usually associated with large technology infrastructure investments. Our cloud services are subscription based so our clients can choose what they need based on their individual business needs especially where cash flow is a top priority. If you have a large organization but feel your IT expenditures are too high, you can easily lower your operating costs by migrating to the cloud.

Greater agility and scalability

In today’s workplace the only thing constant is change. Business need to be agile and scalable to adapt to changing workloads with seamless deployment of productivity tools. If you have mobile workers relying on smartphones & tablets or remote workers without access to onsite IT support that need to be connected – all these scenarios require the quick deployment and the ability to scale technology need up and down as required.

Enhanced ability to focus on strategic initiatives.

Using cloud services to lower or even eliminate most of your IT expenditures means you can focus that capital into your business strategies: development, sales or marketing. Cloud service tools give you a central top view of all of your accounts, with everything in one place you reduce the amount of time deploying or upgrading and focus on what you do best – your business.